Making our mark at The Business Show, Excel London

January 30, 2024 3:17 AM

Making our mark at The Business Show, Excel London

January 30, 2024 3:17 AM

Most launches fail or fall short...

We exhibited at The Business Show and had the pleasure of running a workshop for start-ups on how to insulate their business against launch failure.

Below is an overview of how we made our mark at the event

A summary of our talk on how to prepare for a successful launch

Let me askyou a question…

  •  Howmany of you have launched something or are thinking of launching?
  •  Howmany of you felt prepared to launch?
  • Howmany of you think the launches you have been involved in could have gone better?

The facts…

  • Mostproducts and services escape to market they are not launched
  • The Standish Group 2015 CHAOS Report* showed that out of all 50,000 projects in the study, 71%failed to meet these three criteria: on time, on budget, and with satisfactoryresults. The problem is even higher for big projects. Medium-sized projects failed at 91% and large projects at 94%

That’s why Iwant to talk to you about how you can launch your business or next venture successfully and avoid the mistakes that cause most to fail

6 tips to prepare yourself for a successful launch

  1.  Preparefor the pressure of launching - launchingis can be an emotional rollercoaster. According to a study overseen by the University of California, entrepreneurs are 30%more likely to experience depression than members of the general population. Your well being is the priority and that's the part that manyaren't prepared for. You can be professionally brilliant and still strugglewith the launch process.
  2.  Havea practical launch plan, not just a business plan
  3. Focuson longevity not just the launch - think about how you are going to sustain momentum beyond the launch period.
  4. Remember that launchingis about more than marketing, our procee is built around the 6Ps and promotion is just one of them
  5. Don’t launch your business in a bubble, considerate the external environment and competitive landscape you are launching into
  6. Keep your optimism in check, a wise person once said "success is found balanced between optimism and realism where it is unhindered by the weight of pessimism"


Want a taste of how our 6p Launch strategy can work for your venture?

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