The Proprietary framework that changed the game

About the 6P Launch Framework

Everything we do here at The Launch Strategist® is based on our 6P Launch Framework, the pillars of every successful launch and foundation for sustainable business success. These Ps are based on our Founders analysis of numerous factors that caused launches to fail in her decade-long career as a Corporate Leader and Head of Marketer.

The Ps are:

  • Purpose: Vision and marketplace positioning
  • Product: The DNA of your product/service and commercial model
  • People: Skills audit and launch team
  • Promotion: Customer acquisition and go-to-market strategy
  • Process: Your launch support system and infrastructure
  • Profit: Scalability and business continuity

We execute the 6Ps in 4 consecutive steps  

  1. Audit
  1. Strategy development  
  1. Consultancy  
  1. Implementation

The benefits of our process:

We deep dive into your business and work with your team, ensuring we lay a foundation for long-term success.  

With strategic management consulting, we'll embed ourselves into your team for a set time and ensure that when we leave, the project has been successfully handed over, and your team is fully equipped to manage it and take it to the next level.  

We build the strategy collaboratively as we become part of your team!  

We don't just devise a launch strategy in a silo and expect you to implement it. We develop the plan with you and your team while considering the nuances of your particular organisation.  

We get our hands dirty!  

We not only develop the strategy but oversee the implementation, ironing out any kinks along the way to ensure that the strategy works in theory and practice.  

We onboard your team!

People are the principal thing, it's imperative that your team is onboarded and well-trained.  

Opportunity Identification  

As we conduct the 6P Audit and proceed through the Strategy Day, opportunities will naturally emerge that can lead to organisational growth.



A senior venture launch strategist will provide clarity and a clear roadmap for moving your business forward.  

Morale Building

The business strategy consulting process will pour fresh energy and renewed enthusiasm into your team.

Want a taste of how our 6p Launch strategy can work for your venture?

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