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Launching an 8-figure business to the next level

From an audience of zero to 15,000 in 10 months

An Essential Tool

The 6P Launch Planner™ is a great launch strategy tool, in that it not only helps you complete your day-to-day activities and tasks but more so it allows you to practically achieve your long-term launch goals. The size is perfect in that it's not too bulky and allows you to hone in on the tasks that have to be done. An essential tool for launching a new business and career path!
Thali Lotus
Caya Audio

so helpful

I think that what you have to offer is so helpful because it’s so structured with your model and I think that’s what a lot of people need, they need the tangibles.
Dr. Tanya Nichols
Psychologist and Founder
Black Girl Wellness, LLC

Add Fire Power

Katrina really helped our business and mentored our Marketing Manager for several months. During this time she gave us a better structure and helped our marketing team to be more effective. Whilst her specialism is start ups, she also added significant value to our BAU. Would highly recommend to anyone needing input to either add fire power to your existing team or to give you support if you’re launching a new business or product line. She is a pleasure to work with.
Jason Blakey
Gleeson Recruiment Group


With over 100 employees and year-on-year growth since its inception, this company was already very successful but wanted to focus on launching into that next level of growth. We had two primary objectives: Firstly, to create a launch strategy for a new international division that the marketing team could implement and replicate for future launches. Secondly, to mentor the Marketing Manager and co-develop marketing strategies, processes and team structure that could support the level of growth that the business was moving into.


Creating a blueprint for consistent growth

The company was already doing very well, our job was to help navigate the business to its next level of growth and create a blueprint for growth that could be measured and sustained. The first thing we did was complete an in-depth 6P Audit to thoroughly understand the business and the areas that should be strengthened. Following the audit, we knew that we focused on 'Processes' and 'Promotion' we could make a real impact and achieve the goal. We also decided to tackle the project in three phases:

  1. Develop a blueprint for the launch of a new division and their first international office
  2. Train the marketing on how to execute a launch and replicate the process for the future launches once we left the business
  3. Develop and implement marketing processes and management systems that would drive and sustain growth

Our initial 6-month contract was extended twice

The company was so impressed with the results they were seeing that they wanted to keep us in the business longer. The initial 6-month contract turned into 18 months

It was important to us that the Marketing Manager felt that we were allies and that the entire team felt part of the process. For this reason, we spent a day a month in the company's office connecting and getting to know the team and business leaders in person, as well as understanding company culture. We also had co-working, training, and strategy days with the team.

It was crucial to us that the strategy and processes we developed were workable within the business in real life and didn't just look good on paper.

We launched an international division successfully despite COVID restrictions

Overseeing an international launch during COVID when restrictions were changing frequently, meant that our launch approach for the new division had to be agile and impactful even if we couldn't have an in-person launch event. For this reason, we opted for an extended launch period and online and content focused approach which began with a new website launch and extended to the growth of an online community on LinkedIn which grew to in excess of 15,000.

Significant growth in team confidence leading to stronger team performance

With our team on the peripheral acting as a safety net, the Marketing Manager grew in confidence and the brand voice became more distinct and compelling, leading to greater online engagement and client attraction.

We empowered the team to get more creative but undergird their creativity with robust processes to create a scalable marketing machine!

Katrina Douglas


From an audience of Zero to 15,000 in 10 months

The company had decided to expand its digital arm from the UK into Berlin one of Europe's starriest tech hubs. Connecting start-ups and scaleups in the region with top tech talent. Given that momentum for the launch couldn't be built physically in Germany due to COVID restrictions, interest had to be built digitally. A clear launch plan was put in place to achieve this. One of the first things we did was work with the client to determine what launch success looked like for them, and then define a clear roadmap to get there. Following that, we then provided accountability and team support throughout the process to ensure that the goal was reached.

Accountability and the right support make all the difference.

Planning is great but typically it's in the execution and implementation phase of a launch where the biggest pitfalls happen. we know this, so we're able to provide support at the pivot points where most launches fail.

We worked close enough with the team to identify where more training was required in the launch process and proactively ran training workshops. We had bi-weekly calls with the Marketing Manager to identify where additional help was needed, and stayed close to the Directors of the business to ensure that their objectives were being met.

37% increase in traffic to the primary website year-on-year

One of our key differentiators here at The Launch Strategist® is that we stick around long enough to find out whether or not the launch strategies we recommend actually work in practice, a year after we were commissioned by the business, the numbers prove that they did.

From content to campaigns, tasks to processes.

One of the things we wanted to bring to the marketing department was consistency and predictability. Moving from one off content pieces to campaigns that were more strategic and could be tracked. From tasks to processes that could be replicated and remove bottlenecks.

Our goal is always to have long-term impact that outlives our presence in a business. We do this by implementing strategic frameworks that have support and commitment at every level of the business. Our launch strategy was developed from the inside out (based on the companies goals and DNA as opposed to a very general, external launch approach) which meant that the marketing team felt like they had ownership of it, and were therefore committed to its implementation, leading to the extremely positive resuls that were achieved.

Not only did the business have a successful launch but in the process a repeatable launch blueprint was created, the team was strengthend and our work continues to have a positive impact in the business.

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