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Helping leaders launch profitable, legacy-driven projects that lead to long-term commercial success through the 6P Launch Strategy Framework™ 

Is This You?

  • Are you a Corporate Board Member, Senior Leader or Business Owner who wants to launch a new commercial project?
  • Have you launched new projects in the past that didn't go to plan and you want to make sure that your next launch is smoother, less stressful and more successful?
  • Would you benefit from a dedicated Launch Strategist and partner who could reduce launch time and increase the profitability of your project?
  • If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place.

The 6P Launch Framework

Everything we do is based on our proprietary 6P Launch Framework™.The 6Ps are the core components of every successful launch. Launches fail because one or more of these Ps have not been carefully considered so we ensure that there are no gaps and a firm foundation is laid for long-term success that lasts beyond the launch.







About Me.

I help leaders achieve greater financial success and structure in their business by launching mission-led commercial projects using my proprietary 6P Launch Strategy Framework™. Delivering additional income streams, increased business profitability and simplifying the launch process.

I am also an Author and Founder of The Legacy Conference. I’ve helped business leaders launch everything from TV campaigns, cloud-based platforms and apps, to handbag collections, and a sold-out event in the Royal Albert Hall.

I’m passionate about helping business leaders launch projects that are purposeful and profitable, that lead to greater personal satisfaction and sustainable wealth.

I understand that your time is scarce and you’re already juggling multiple priorities. Which is why I’m not just a launch strategist but also a launch partner. I’ve developed a 6-step launch framework and consultancy program that includes pre-launch, during launch and post-launch support.

If you're going to launch something launch it well and launch it once, get it right the first time.


Learn how to execute the 6P Launch Process and simplify the launch process in this 60min online training.


Develop a robust launch strategy in a day to significantly increase your chance of launch success.


A 6-month group coaching program to support you through the launch process and ensure you launch well.

New and Notable. 

The 6P Launch Planner

A 6-month project launch planner and step-by-step framework for corporate leaders, professionals and business owners. An invaluable tool for planning and executing your next launch successfully.

The Launch Strategist Podcast

Each week I shares launch tips, actionable advice and inspiring interviews with one intention; to ensure that your next project is in the 30% that succeed. 

The Launch Strategist YouTube Channel

Weekly videos that provide strategies and tips for launching legacy-driven projects that are about obtaining greater fulfilment and long-term financial success. 

What People Say.

Katrina is a marketing machine. She is thorough efficient and effective. She understands the importance of scalable marketing, and has a vast depth of expertise in digital and online marketing.

Richard Gamble

I’d like to say a MASSIVE Thank You to Katrina Douglas for her Fabulous REVIVE Launch Strategy Event. She delivered with class and clear knowledge about her subject matter. I know that I came away with a plan for a project that I am working on. I’d definitely recommend her. She definitely leads by example

Madeline McQee

Katrina Douglas successfully managed our UK marketing team for more than 4 years, and I have to admit that she is one of the best professionals I’ve had the privilege to manage. She is not only a highly competent marketer and a great strategic thinker, but she is also a very smart and ambitious business person, constantly fighting for success through hard work and determination. I also want to put into relief Katrina’s people skills, because she is a very respectful person, sensitive and open to others, who constantly shows her great ability to actively listen and to always find the right words. Katrina was appreciated by everyone everywhere and is definitely a great value for any company!

Georges Coradinho

Ionos, Head of Marketing Europe and North America

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