How to Scale Your Business with Denise Nurse

November 8, 2022 1:01 PM

How to Scale Your Business with Denise Nurse

November 8, 2022 1:01 PM

Scaling your business: The transition from technician to manager

If you've ever tried to scale a business then you know it's easier said than done. When we made the decision to scale at The Launch Strategist, Denise Nurse was one of the first person we spoke to. Denise is a serial entrepreneur, TV Presenter and Success Coach. If you've ever asked the question, how do I scale my business and launch into that next level of success, then you don't want to miss this.

We’ve coined this month Launching Legacy Month, September is always a good month to launch it represents new beginnings in more ways than one and so I wanted to mark this month by launching into the next phase of our business and reintroducing you to the brand and where we’re going as well as where we can take you.

This month you’ll get:

  • The first glimpse of our new website and a wealth of new resources
  • You’ll meet some of our clients and partners
  • And you’ll get fresh insights into our brand and our story

So when I was thinking off who I wanted to speak with to kick launch month off, one name came to mind and that’s Denise Nurse. The reason is I began the year with a conundrum, I knew my focus this year would be on scaling, but I also knew that the biggest hindrance to that was me. So the person I enlisted to help me process that and figure out how I would launch into my next level of growth was Denise Nurse; serial Entrepreneur, TV Presenter and Business Success Coach, my Business Success Coach I might add.

Here's a few questions we asked her during our live interview, catch thereplay below and subscribe to our YouTube channel

  1.   Can you tell me how you got into coaching, where yourfocus lies and why?
  2.  One of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve had working withyou is the separation of my identity from the identity of my business, why dowe as business owners struggle with this so much?
  3. Why is it so important that business owners make thatseparation between them and their business?
  4. One of the biggest hindrances to scaling that I’vefound is that my clients have historically bought me, not what I do which meantthat removing myself would literally mean a catastrophic loss in revenue. Oneof the reasons that I decided to work with you is that in your law firm youwere able to make the transition from clients buying you, to clients buyingwhat you offered regardless of who delivered, ultimately selling the businesssuccessfully. Can you tell us about that journey?
  5.  What tips would you give for transitioning fromtechnician to manager in your business?
  6. You recently said, ‘believing new things about who weare and what we can do is the start of monumental change in our lives’. Can youtalk us through that and why it’s important?
  7. Let’s talk about the how many of us are scared to scalebecause we are really scared of Success?
  8. What practical tips would you give to those that havestarted generating good consistent revenue and are ready to scale?

Find out Denise’s answers to these questions and more in the video above

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