Map out your step-by-step launch plan in this 60-min online class

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Can you relate?

  • Are you both driven and daunted by that project that keeps whirling around in your mind?
  • Are you finally ready to launch that project but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you want to have a solid plan of action for your project?
  • Have you already launched that thing but want to refine your launch process?

If so, let’s get to work!

A route to releasing that project

There’s a release that comes when you’ve held an idea inside for a long-time and then you finally let it out, that release is powerful and it’s something we want to help you experience.


2020 felt tight in so many ways, our goal is to help you transform some of that tension into The Launch of a project that both fuels your passion and delivers long-term profit.


Are you ready to kick-start the process with a plan?


If so you’re invited to our 6P Launch Masterclass, a 60 minute planning session we’re you’ll be guided through the process of planning your launch.


Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The 6P Launch Framework; The 6 key components that every successful launch must have
  • The 6P Launch Process; A process for launching long-term projects that you can use again and again
  • Planning your marketing: marketing is one of the most important parts of a launch and perhaps the area that people struggle with most 
  • Budgeting for your launch: Before embarking on any journey it's important to count the cost 



The 6P Launch Masterclass 

A 60 minute launch planning class that will take you through the complete 6P Launch Framework. When you attend the live class you'll also receive the following resources.

  • Top launch tools and resources list, get access to our list of favourite tools and resources to simplify and accelerate your launch.

  • Replay recording, only available for 48hrs after the live planning class  

6 more reasons to sign-up!

  1. Launch planning can be hard and mentally exhausting, having someone to guide you through the process makes the process a lot easier.
  2. Planning with a business buddy who can help you extract your plans is invaluable, two heads are better than one. Consider us your business buddy for the launch process :)
  3. The bonuses alone are worth attending for, The budget template and launch tools and resource list will save you time and effort, plus you can upgrade at check-out to get The 6P Launch Planner, an invaluable tool for both planning and executing your launch.
  4. Moving into unchartered territory is uncomfortable it’s why many never get round to launching their dream projects. This planning session will ease the discomfort and help you move past it.
  5. Launch planning helps you solve launch problems in advance. Launches can be filled with landmines unexpected issues along the way. This launch planning session will you preempt and solve these problems in advance.
  6. The benefits of having a plan are invaluable. The joy of not having to think about what you should be doing on a weekly and monthly basis because the plan is already written is immense. Not only that but the time and money you save by planning well is significant.

What People Say.

I attended the Launch Planning Class because I wanted to gain strategy about how to successfully launch my future business.
The masterclass helped me to clarify my business goals and hone in on my ideal client for my business prior to launching my business.
If you need to know the key elements of launching a business and how to think throughout every phase of the process, this masterclass does not disappoint. The 6P Launch Planner is a gem and a must have for anyone launching a business or project. It's your guide and navigation every step of the way.

Dr. Nichols, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Thank you for yesterday's session,  it really helped frame my launch and allow me to strategically launch as opposed to "just launch". 


I have now scheduled assigned 6P launch time every week🙌🏾🙌🏾

Lọ́lá Béjidé MBA

Career Coach

The 6P Launch Planner™ is a great launch strategy tool, in that it not only helps you complete your day-to-day activities and tasks but more so it allows you to practically achieve your long-term launch goals. The size is perfect in that it's not too bulky and allows you to hone in on the tasks that have to be done. An essential tool for launching a new business and career path!

Thali Lotus

Founder, Caya Audio

I’d like to say a MASSIVE Thank You to Katrina Douglas for her Fabulous REVIVE Launch Strategy Event. She delivered with class and clear knowledge about her subject matter. I know that I came away with a plan for a project that I am working on. I’d definitely recommend her. She definitely leads by example

Madeline McQee

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