Monique Stewart

Senior Charity Consultant
Monique Stewart

The smart way to maximize donations.

Charity management

London, UK


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Good to Give

GoodtoGive was founded by Des Stewart and Cory Belfon in 2010. Born out of a desire to equip churches with the necessary manpower, finances and expertise to help build robust and successful organizations, that are in it for the duration.At GoodtoGive we know all too well just how tough it can be to balance the charitable aspirations of your organization with the operational reality of running it.

Generating income is not always easy, even at the best of times. However, we meet far too many charities who are failing to take full advantage of one of the easiest ways to increase their income.

This is why GoodtoGive exists…

Every year we save our clients thousands of pounds by proactively helping to both increase their income and save them money. And we can do the same for you. Our services can help ensure your organization continues to prosper, whatever life throws your way. Giving you the freedom to focus on supporting the communities that your charity exists to serve.

Our credibility and credentials span more than a decade

● We are the UK’s number one provider of Gift Aid management for churches

● Over 400 charities across the UK rely on our services

● Successfully processed more than 115,000 Gift Aid claims

● Over £12.3 million worth of income given back to our clients





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