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absolute God-send

Katrina has been an absolute God-send. Her clear focus and professionalism are second to none. Thanks to Katrina our company's profile has risen significantly. She has helped us get from ideation to finally trading as a fully-fledged company. The insights that Katrina has assembled through the development of toolkits used in her 6P framework have set us on a path to commercial success. I'm still trying to nab her as my head of marketing and communications but she wants to continue to help as many people as possible launch their legacies. She's an amazing find and it's been an absolute blessing to work with her.
André Skepple
CEO and Founder


Before we started working with The Launch Strategist, we had no roadmap for our content marketing. The strategy was there, but it was top level and we needed to turn that into something actionable. Katrina was great to work with, knowledgeable, methodical and understanding of our particular business needs. We now have confidence in the direction we are taking and a fully actionable plan to take our ideas, products and services to market.
Freccia Benn
Lumify Energy

so helpful

I think that what you have to offer is so helpful because it’s so structured with your model and I think that’s what a lot of people need, they need the tangibles.
Dr. Tanya Nichols
Psychologist and Founder
Black Girl Wellness, LLC


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Leah Waller


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