6P Launch Strategy Days

Positioning your organisation to launch your most significant venture yet!

We deep dive into the areas that are pivotal to the growth of your organisation and close gaps that are hindering your progress


The only thing constant in business is change, and one of the keys to staying ahead of the curve is knowing when you're business strategy needs to be adjusted. Here at The Launch Strategist we believe that your organisation's mission should rarely move, but the methodology you apply to get there sometimes should.  if you're organisa


As a leader in your organisation can you relate...

  • Is your organsiation at a pivotal point where you know that something has to change in order to safeguard the long-term future of your organisation?
  • Has your marketing become ineffective with the level of leads coming into your businesss slowing down?

  • Are there new opportunities in your sector that you want to capitalise on but don't know how?

  • Do lack key sets in your organisation or underutilising the skills you have?

  • Is your leadership struggling to find the time to do the strategic work required to tackle long-standing issues? 

If you need to launch into a new phase of your business a 6P Launch Strategy Day is for you. 


Our Approach

Everything we do is built on our  6P Launch Framework™. Strategic issues tend to be rooted in one or more of these areas and our goal is to locate which ones and build a strategy collaboratively with your leadership team to fix them.







What's included

  • 6P Audit

    In addition to doing a virtual 60-min deep dive into the current needs of your organisation. We'll also review key documentation and marketing materials prior to the strategy day so that we get as much as possible out of the strategic process. Where relevant will also visit your premises and speak to key members of your extended team. 

  • Session Guide

    The workbook provides the outline of your 6P Plan.  We’ll complete it together during the course of the workshop and by the end of our time together you’ll have your completed plan and roadmap.

  • Live Strategy session

    An interactive experience blending discussion, problem solving and planning. This is either an 8hr intensive or 2x 4hrs sessions split across 2 days.

  • Lunch and Refreshments

    Although we can host the Strategy Day at your business premise and this is a viable option if you want to keep costs down.  We prefer to host you at one of our chosen venues where we provide lunch, refreshments and a premium environment where your leadership can fully switch off from the day-to-day.

  • Implementation Check-In

    A 60-min deep dive into the current needs of your organisation and which P should be your primary focus. We’ll deep dive into where your organisations gaps are and what you already have in place. We’ll also assess whether or not a Launch Strategy Day will be better suited to your needs, where we focus on 2 or more of the 6Ps. This will form the basis of the workshop briefing you’ll receive prior to the workshop.

The benefits of a 6P Launch Strategy Day


If you are looking for funding for your next level of growth our strategy days are designed to icrease your organisations finding readiness.

Opportunity Identification

As we conduct the 6P Audit and proceed through the Strategy Day, opportunities will naturally emerge that can lead to organisational growth.


You'll end the day with greater clarity and a clear roadmap for moving your business forward.

Morale Building

We recommend using this opportunity as an away day for your leadership. The day will pour fresh energy and renewed enthusiasm into your team.

Strategy Development

Based on the outcome of the day we'll provide a strategy overview document that you can use to update your internal teams.

Ongoing Consultancy

Not only do we provide an implementation check-in,  following the strategy day but we can also provide consultancy beyond. Our 6P Consultancy service is exclusively available to those who have gone through one of our workshops or strategy days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Who will facilitate the Strategy Day?

We have a number of workshop facilitators here at The Launch Strategist but our Founder and creator of the 6P Launch Framework, Katrina Douglas, hosts our strategy days, in some cases there may also be an additional workshop facilitator.


How many people from my team can attend the workshop?

How long will the workshop last?

Where will the workshop be hosted?

How much do Strategy Days cost?

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