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Launch Skills Development

Develop the skills you need to execute a significant launch successfully. 

What if you could get complete clarity on the product or service that you want to launch and create a blueprint for how to launch it, in one day?

Let’s put it this way…

If so, keep reading

  • You lack the knowledge you need to launch well


  • You lack peer accountability so you're constantly in a start/stop cycle

Can you imagine...

Imagine having the exact blueprint you need to launch successfully without the stress, confusion and overwhelm that usually comes with the launch process.

What would happen…

  • You’d be building towards a legacy and not just a launch

  • You’d have the confidence to take action and stop second guessing yourself

  • You’d avoid the negative emotions that delay launches and hold us hostage


REVIVE Launch Strategy Day

An immersive workshop experience that takes you from launch idea to a complete launch plan in a day!


If you want to get complete clarity on exactly how to launch and have a roadmap to guide you through every step of the launch process, this is for you. 


It's time to get that business idea off the back shelf!

Here’s what past Revivalists had to say...

I’d like to say a MASSIVE Thank You to Katrina Douglas for her Fabulous REVIVE Launch Strategy Event. She delivered with class and clear knowledge about her subject matter. I know that I came away with a plan for a project that I am working on. I’d definitely recommend her. She definitely leads by example

Madeline McQueen

Founder and Executive Coach

So glad I had the opportunity to do this! It was a great investment in myself and every project connected to me. Thank you so much Katrina Douglas!

Frances Shonde

Founder and PR Specialist

I attended Katrina's Revive Conference, and it was very beneficial. I learned so much and came away with a lot of insight. I also came away with the need for reflection, which is always a good thing. I came away knowing what I needed to discover, fix, pivot and prioritise. Katrina is very knowledgeable about launching projects and can guide you on your journey.

Patricia Haywood

Founder and Consultant

Here’s what you can expect from Revive

  • Mastermind sessions

  • Preparation

    There are 6 core elements that every successful business must embody to launch well and be successful long-term, we call these our 6Ps; Purpose, Product, People, Promotion, Processes and Profit. In this session we’ll define each of these 6Ps for your business. This will form the basis of your launch plan.

  • Prioritisation

    Lots of great ideas will emerge and there will be many possible projects and solutions that arise from the discovery session. The goal will be to choose 3-7 priorities to focus on and build the strategy around.

  • Planning

    This is where the magic really happens! In this session we’ll put all the puzzle pieces together into your launch plan and 6 month roadmap.

  • Hot seats

    Throughout the day we’ll have a few hot seat sessions we’re attendees will have the opportunity to share a specific issue that they are facing and get specific advice from Katrina (The Launch Strategist) on how best to address them.

What Makes Revive different?

  • By the end of the day you’ll have a completed launch strategy and plan, not just pages of notes and motivational anecdotes.


  • Your Launch Strategy will be built on The 6P Launch Framework, our proven launch method that helps you avoid the 6 core mistakes that cause most projects to fail.


  • Our launch strategy days don’t just teach you how to launch but also how to lay a foundation for long-term business success.



The Launch Strategy Day that equips you to release the vision that has been laying dormant. It's time to launch!

Mastermind sessions

A combination of training, launch-planning, problem-solving  and peer-to-peer sharing.


 Get specific answers to your launch questions and specific advice to suit your situation.

Networking with like-minded business leaders

Make invaluable business connections that will bear fruit throughout the day and beyond.

You’ll end the day with renewed energy and focus to make your launch a reality, because you’ll no longing be trying to thumble your way through in the dark, you’ll have a clear launch plan to propel you forward!

The Founder...

Hey there, I’m Katrina Douglas, the Founder of Revive.​


I’m passionate about helping leaders launch significant projects that light them up, establish their legacy and lead to long-term commercial success.


I’ve been launching significant projects since 2006 and developed The 6P Launch Framework™, a proven launch framework that enables you to avoid the 6 launch mistakes that cause most projects to fail.


It’s been a tough 12 months, many are feeling the weight of the third lock-down and many great ideas have been put on the back-burner or fallen by the wayside. As we begin to emerge out of this pandemic we believe it’s time to revive yourself and your business idea, ready to move into the next season. Revive is about helping you to do that in a very practical way, following our 6P Launch Framework™.

Frequently asked question

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Will there be breaks?

What time does Revive start and finish?

Where will the event be hosted?

What if I can’t attend the whole day?

Still undecided?

Revive is right for you if…

  • You are an employee of an organisation who is tasked with launching projects and initiatives within the organisation.


  • You are a professional who wants to launch a significant project this year, either as a side-project in addition to your day job or as a full-time entrepreneurial endeavour.


  • You are someone who has tried to launch a project in the past and has felt the pain of doing it poorly, this time round you want to do it properly.


  • You have already launched a business but you want to relaunch in a way that has more impact and better reflects your vision.


  • You don’t want to sign-up to yet another self-directed course you want to get the work done with support in one focused session.


Enroll in Revive today, you are literally one step away from getting a clear strategy for launching your most significant project yet.

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