The 6P Launch Planner

by The Launch Strategist 

A 6-month project launch planner and step-by-step framework for corporate leaders, professionals and business owners. An invaluable tool for planning and executing your next launch successfully.

About the planner

An invaluable tool for planning and executing your next launch successfully.This planner is based on The 6P Launch Framework™ a process for planning and executing launches successfully.


The framework is based on the authors 14 years’ experience of launching significant projects successfully and has been developed to avoid and overcome these 6 launch mistakes that cause most projects to fail:

  1. Not having a clear purpose and goal
  2. Launching a project that doesn't solve a real need that matters to customers
  3. Not having access to the right skills and people
  4. Allowing your product or service to escape to market as opposed to having a clear launch strategy and process
  5. Not investing enough time and money in marketing
  6. Launching a project in a silo and not considering the external environment

The 6Ps are the 6 core areas that every corporate leader, professional and business owner should consider before launching a project.

The 6P Launch Framework

The 6Ps are the core components of every successful launch. Launches fail because one or more of these Ps have not been carefully considered. The planner will ensure that there are no gaps in your launch process.  







A planner that goes beyond online launches

This planner is designed to help you plan and execute significant launches that have many moving parts, such as:

  • A new business
  • A new division or initiative in an established business
  • A new product or service
  • The relaunch of an existing business or product

Although this planner can be used for online launches it is primarily designed for hybrid launches that span online and offline, have many moving parts and involve multiple stakeholders. The purpose of thos planner is to guide you through the process of launching a sustainable project that has longevity so that you don't have to keep launching again and again

The benefits

An effective planning system for executing your next launch 

  • Launch success

    Increase your chance of launch success and avoid the 6 launch mistakes that cause 70% of projects to fail.

  • Launch system

    Every aspect of the launch process is coverered and kept in one place.

  • Gift option available

    Buy the planner as a meaninful gift with special gift packaging option. 

  • Less stress

    Remove the stress of launching by simply following a tried and tested launch strategy and framework.

  • Free and fast delivery

    If you're based in the UK postage is free and you'll typically receive your planner within 48hrs.

  • Additional support

    A supporting course, planning class and mastermind are available to support your launch process.

Launch price

A 6-month project launch planner and step-by-step framework for corporate leaders, professionals and business owners. An invaluable tool for planning and executing your next launch successfully.


Planner structure

A simple, comprehensive, well structured launch framework

  • Your 6Ps: You first outline the details of the 6 core components of your launch

  • Your task list: you create a comprehensive task lisk of everything you'll need to do for your launch based on the 6Ps

  • Your roadmap: You then outline exactly what you need to do for the next 6 months to execute a successful launch

  • Execution: Follow the roadmap and document your progress as you're executing your launch to keep yourself accountable

Look inside 

An overview of the 6Ps

The launch planning process is governed by the 6P Launch Framework.

Prompts for each 'P'

You are prompted by a series of questions that relate to each 'P'. This ensures that your launch process is thorough and important topics aren't overlooked and 

Task sheets for each 'P'

Tasks lists are used for each P to ensure that you have an accurate and comprehensive picture of the activities required to execute a successful launch.

Monthly roadmap sheets

Once you have identified all the activities that need to be completed you will create a roadmap of launch activities for the proceeding 6 months.

Weekly overview sheets

These pages keep you accountable throughout the launch process and enable you to capture key lightbulb moments and insights along the way.

What People Say

The 6P Launch Planner is a great launch strategy tool, in that it not only helps you complete your day-to-day activities and tasks but more so it allows you to practically achieve your long-term launch goals. The size is perfect in that it's not too bulky and allows you to hone in on the tasks that have to be done. An essential tool for launching a new business and career path!

Thali Lotus

Founder, Caya Audio

Katrina is a marketing machine. She is thorough efficient and effective. She understands the importance of scalable marketing, and has a vast depth of expertise in digital and online marketing.

Richard Gamble

So glad I had the opportunity to do this (Revive launch strategy day)! It was a great investment in myself and every project connected to me. Thank you so much Katrina Douglas!"

Frances Shonde

Founder and PR specialist

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How much is shipping?

If you are UK based shipping costs are included in the price of the planner, so you don't have to pay an additional shipping fee.


International shipping outside the UK is £10

Do you ship internationally?

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What size is the planner?

Can I buy the planner as a gift and have it shipped to someone else?

Yes, you can buy the planner as a gift. Simply add a note at checkout and add the recipients name and address. Providing they are based in the UK we will ship the planner to them on your behalf.

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