6P Consultancy

Leading launches and developing launch strategy for established businesses, that lead to greater financial success and avoid the launch mistakes that course 70% of projects to fail. 

Have you launched new projects in the past that didn't go to plan and you want to make sure that your next launch is smoother, less stressful and more successful?

In this climate of uncertainty it's more important than ever that whatever you do launch is launched well. Typically projects escape to market they are not launched. Here's what I mean; the product or service hits the market with missing pieces, typically these missing pieces fall into one of 6 areas:


  1. Not having a clear purpose and goal
  2. Launching a project that doesn't solve a real need that matters to customers
  3. Not having the right skills and people on your team
  4. Not having a clear launch strategy and process
  5. Not investing enough time and money in marketing
  6. Launching a project in a silo and not considering the external environment

The result, 70% of prjects fail. I don't want yours to be one of them which is why I developed this consultancy program.

The 6P Launch Framework

The 6Ps are the core components of every successful launch. Launches fail because one or more of these Ps have not been carefully considered. These are the 6 core areas that we'll cover in your launch strategy.  







Imagine the benefit of having a highly experienced Launch Strategist on your team, who has been launching significant projects for 14 years and managed a number of succesful launches during the COVID crisis?

Here's what you can expect from having Katrina Douglas as your Launch Strategist and Consultant:

  • Business Continuity: 6P Consultancy is not just about equipping you to launch your next project succesfully, it's about ensuring that your project is sustainable and supports the long-term growth and profitability of your organisation.
  • Clarity: Clarity is key but can be elusive in times of uncertainty and great change. This consultancy service will provide insights and a fresh perspective that will give your leadership team clarity on next steps and a way forward. 
  • Strategy: It's one thing knowing where you want to go and what project you want to launch, it's quite another knowing how to get there. We'll'll develop a launch strategy based on the 6P Launch Framework to enable you to launch your project successfully.
  • Risk Minimisation: The 6P Consultancy service has been developed based on 14 years experience of launching projects. It has been designed to ensure that you avoid the 6 fundamental launch mistakes that cause 70% of projects to fail.
  • A launch blueprint: Once completed, you'll have a bespoke launch blueprint specifically designed for your business, based on the proven 6P Launch Strategy Framework™, that you can use again and again, to increase the success of this launch and lanches you'll roll out in the future.


6P Consultancy

Providing the strategy and support to get you to your most successful launch ever.

Here's how the 6P Consultancy service is different to other consultancy services

  • We build the strategy collaboratively: We become part of your team. we don't just come up with a launch strategy in a silo and expect you to implement it. We develop the strategy with you and your team taking into consideration the nuances of your particular organisation.
  • We get our hands dirty: We not only develop the strategy but oversee the implementation, ironing out any kinks along the way to ensure that the strategy not only works in theory but also practice.
  • We onboard your team: People are the principle thing, if your team aren't onboard and well trained on what you're launching you'll struggle to have a good launch.
  • We give you access to our network of strategic partners: You don't just get us you get our network including lawyers, intellectual property specialists, project managers, advertising specialists and more.
  • We hang around for 6 months: We'll hang around for 6 months and ensure that when we do leave the project has been successfully handed over, is in safe hands and your team is fully equipped to manage it and take it to the next level. 

Here's what you'll get...

  • 2hr deep dive: An initial 2hr deep dive consultation to understand your organisation and your launch goals and objectives.

  • 6P Launch Strategy: A robust and well-considered strategy based on our 6P Launch Strategy Framework

  • 2 x monthly 60 min consultancy sessions:  These sessions will take place online and deep dive into all areas of your launch.

  • Access to our network of Launch partners: Including lawyers, intellectual property specialists, project managers, advertising specialists and more.

  • Launch vault: An online resource hub we're you'll find a catalogue of resources to support your launch.

  • Team training: We'll train your team on how to execute the launch successfully.

An investment that will deliver a solid return


*Starting price. Typical 6P Consultancy fee is between £6 - 10k)

7 day cooling off period


You will have 7 days following the date that your initial payment is received to change your mind and receive a full refund.

Katrina Douglas

​The Launch Strategist

About Me

I help leaders achieve greater financial success and structure in their business by launching mission-led commercial projects using my proprietary 6P Launch Strategy Framework™. Delivering additional income streams, increased business profitability and simplifying the launch process.

I am also an Author and Founder of The Legacy Conference. I’ve helped business leaders launch everything from TV campaigns, cloud-based platforms and apps, to handbag collections, and a sold-out event in the Royal Albert Hall.

I’m passionate about helping business leaders launch projects that are purposeful and profitable, that lead to greater personal satisfaction and sustainable wealth.

I understand that your time is scarce and you’re already juggling multiple priorities. Which is why I’m not just a launch strategist but also a launch partner. I’ve developed a 6-step launch framework and consultancy program that includes pre-launch, during launch and post-launch support.

If you're going to launch something launch it well and launch it once, get it right the first time.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

The price for this service starts at £6000 what determines the price for my project?

What is the shortest time you can launch a project?​

What is the difference between a Launch Strategist and a Project Manager?

What is a launch?

What types of launches do you specialise in?

Why do I need to take the discovery survey?

Are part payments available?

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What People Say

Katrina is a marketing machine. She is thorough efficient and effective. She understands the importance of scalable marketing, and has a vast depth of expertise in digital and online marketing.

Richard Gamble

I have been working with Katrina on many sales projects during the past years with 1&1. She has been a great partner supporting our efforts to get a field sales force going in the UK. I very much appreciated Katrinas hands on mentality and the great work in preparing sales material for our sales force. I specifically am very thankful for taking the lead in organizing the 1st attendance of 1&1 at the business Show in London. We were able to present ourselves in a very professional way thanks to her. I fully recommend Katrina and am happy to provide further info.

René Grunwald

Head of Product Management (mail.com & GMX International) bei 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH

Katrina Douglas successfully managed our UK marketing team for more than 4 years, and I have to admit that she is one of the best professionals I’ve had the privilege to manage. She is not only a highly competent marketer and a great strategic thinker, but she is also a very smart and ambitious business person, constantly fighting for success through hard work and determination. I also want to put into relief Katrina’s people skills, because she is a very respectful person, sensitive and open to others, who constantly shows her great ability to actively listen and to always find the right words. Katrina was appreciated by everyone everywhere and is definitely a great value for any company!

Georges Coradinho

Ionos, Head of Marketing Europe and North America

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